NG-01M: Semi-auto Mattress Compressoion Vacuum Packing Machine
The semi-automatic mattress compression machine, known as the Mattress Compress Packing Machine, combines a sealing apparatus and a vacuum extraction system to achieve vacuum compression packaging. This process ensures the preservation of the mattress's integrity during compression, enhances time efficiency, quickly compresses mattresses of various sizes and thicknesses, increases transportation efficiency, maximizes storage space, and reduces transportation and storage costs.
Volume Reduction of Mattress
Max Pressure
Max Hight of Mattrsss
Machine Footprint
Product Overview
1. The automation series design requires only 2 people to operate. The characteristic of this machine is that it can be connected to an automatic packaging line.
2. The entire mattress compression process takes approximately 35 seconds
3. The mattress compressor adopts a PLC control system and Siemens accessories, which is effective, stable, and durable.
4. The perfect sealing of the film makes storage and transportation safer.
5. Compress the mattress into a flat packaging.
Need More Mattress Packing Machine Details
Need More Mattress Packing Machine Details
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Mattress That Suitable For This Machine
This mattress compression vacuum packaging machinery can be used for various types of mattresses, including spring mattresses and foam mattresses, among others. If you have packaging needs for mattresses of the same kind, we can have this machinery ready for you immediately.
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Packaging Effect Display
This machinery can compress mattresses, reducing their thickness by approximately 80%, which means the mattresses occupy only 20% of their original volume. Our customers often use this compression vacuum packaging method when exporting mattresses in bulk. They compress the mattresses and then package them with wooden frames, significantly increasing the number of mattresses that can be loaded into shipping containers.
Machine Features
Strong Pressure
Strong Pressure
This machine has 4 hydraulic rods, which means it has a hydraulic pressure of 50T.
Multiple Operating Modes
Multiple Operating Modes
This machine provides a simple operation panel, and you can choose between automatic or semi-automatic operation modes for operation.
Strong Sealing
Strong Sealing
The 8mm heating seal can tightly press the bag together. This way, your mattress will be well packaged in a vacuum state.
Independent Pedal
Independent Pedal
Independent heating and sealing operation foot pedal to ensure that operators are not injured by heated components.
Technical Parameter

Mattress Width

800-2200 MM 

Mattress Length

1800-2100 MM 

Mattress Height

50-400 MM

packing Speed     

30 S/ PCS

PE film width

≤2950 MM

Air pressure  

0.8MPa; 0.78 M3/Hour 

Packaging Materials


Machine Total Power

18 KW

Machine External Size

L9200 * W3800 * H3020 MM


5000 KG 


3 Phases 380V/50HZ

More Packing Machine In NAIGU
NAIGU is an expert in mattress packaging equipment. For fifteen years, we have been dedicated to developing packaging solutions for soft furniture (mattresses, foam pads, latex). Our technology is mature, and we possess packaging equipment suitable for various products.
Machinery Commonly Used Together
Mattress compression&rolling System
The mattress is compressed and packaged through NG-01M before being rolled and packaged by NG-06R. This packaging makes the mattress more convenient for transportation and storage.
Mattress Wooden Box Packaging System
NG-04P can pack several NG-01M compressed mattresses together. The wooden box is fixed on the outer packaging through iron sheet, which can tightly package the compressed mattress in the wooden frame.
Compression Film Packing Roll-packing
It can achieve automatic film pack and compress the mattress up to 1/7 of its original thickness, greatly reduce the labors to bag the mattress and save space and cost.
This full automatic mattress compression with high compression efficiency of 20 seconds per mattress, can compress the mattress up to 1/7 of its original thickness to save transportation space and cost.
The semi-automatic compress machine is specialized in mattress compressing and one-side hot sealing, can compress the mattress up to 1/7 of its original thickness to save space and costs.
This machine is specialized in mattress film packaging, can achieve high package efficiency of 100-120 sheets/hour.
Semi-automatic mattress film packing machine is equipped with a rotatable worktable to seal both sides of the mattress, which is easy to operate and has high quality mattress package effect with good air tightness.
It is specialized in hot sealing mattress package plastic film, hot sealing temperature is adjustable and it's equipped with blades.
This automatic mattress compress and rolling machine has fixed roll diameter range for option, the diameter of the rolling can be customized according to your requirements.
This mattress compression and rolling integrated machine to meet your packaging needs in compression and roll at the same time,suitable for many types of mattresses.
It's the most powerful machine, which integrates the functions of mattress packaging, compression, heat sealing, half folding and rolling, and each function can be used independently, it can meets various mattress packaging needs.
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