NG-22RS: Automatic Mattress Compression Folding Rolling Machine
This packaging machine line is used for various packaging of mattresses, including compressed packaging that can reduce thickness, automatic film packaging, and roll packaging of mattresses.
Packaged Per Hour
Machine Footprint
Max Product Height
Volume Reduced
Product Overview
When manufacturers aim to automate the mattress packaging process, reduce shipping costs per unit, or create an ideal package for direct-to-consumer and retail markets, they install a compression packaging machine in their facility. This machine offers multiple packaging options such as autobagging, compression and rolling, or compression, folding, and rolling.
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Products Suitable For Packaging
This device can be used for packaging different types of mattresses, including spring mattresses, sponge mattresses, and latex mattresses. Of course, we can also package other soft materials, such as sponge sheets.
Packaging Effect Display
NG-22RS is a fully automatic mattress packaging, compression, folding, and rolling machine. After compression, it can fold the mattress and then roll it up, maximizing cost-efficiency in transportation, storage, and operations while significantly enhancing profitability and competitiveness.
Machine Features
Film Packing
Film Packing
Wrap the mattress in two thin films on top and bottom.
Reduce the height of the mattress by 80% using the hydraulic system
Initiate the rolling process from one end of the mattress, akin to rolling a sheet of paper.
Fold and Roll-packing
Fold and Roll-packing
Fold the mattress in half before rolling it. The height of the mattress will decrease

Technical Specification

Maximum Mattress Size

2200x2000 MM 

Maximum Mattress Height 

450 MM

Roll diameter range(Adjustable)

220 MM - 480MM 

Maximum Pressure



30 Seconds /PCS

Total Power



3 Phase AC 380V/50HZ (Customized ) 

Suitable Plastic material

PE Plastic

Air pressure

0.6 - 0.8 MPA

Net weight

15000 KG 

External Dimension


More Packing Machine In NAIGU
NAIGU is an expert in mattress packaging equipment. For fifteen years, we have been dedicated to developing packaging solutions for soft furniture (mattresses, foam pads, latex). Our technology is mature, and we possess packaging equipment suitable for various products.
Compression Film Packing Roll-packing
It can achieve automatic film pack and compress the mattress up to 1/7 of its original thickness, greatly reduce the labors to bag the mattress and save space and cost.
This full automatic mattress compression with high compression efficiency of 20 seconds per mattress, can compress the mattress up to 1/7 of its original thickness to save transportation space and cost.
The semi-automatic compress machine is specialized in mattress compressing and one-side hot sealing, can compress the mattress up to 1/7 of its original thickness to save space and costs.
This machine is specialized in mattress film packaging, can achieve high package efficiency of 100-120 sheets/hour.
Semi-automatic mattress film packing machine is equipped with a rotatable worktable to seal both sides of the mattress, which is easy to operate and has high quality mattress package effect with good air tightness.
It is specialized in hot sealing mattress package plastic film, hot sealing temperature is adjustable and it's equipped with blades.
This automatic mattress compress and rolling machine has fixed roll diameter range for option, the diameter of the rolling can be customized according to your requirements.
This mattress compression and rolling integrated machine to meet your packaging needs in compression and roll at the same time,suitable for many types of mattresses.
It's the most powerful machine, which integrates the functions of mattress packaging, compression, heat sealing, half folding and rolling, and each function can be used independently, it can meets various mattress packaging needs.
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